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We are The House of Healing and Deliverance where Jesus makes you "whole" spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally and financially. (Luke 4:18).

WHOLE: meaning complete, mature, entire, accomplished, fulfilled. full, fixed, perfect, unbroken, solid, sound, healthy, healed, in good health, sane, well. Nothing missing and nothing broken!

The House of Healing and Deliverance is a global multi cultural/racial Church, Healing Hub and Apostolic base, birthed from the Weekly Monday Manna Facebook Live Broadcast  and The Monthly God Encounters. We teach biblical spiritual laws and practical principles to total life prosperity.


The House of Healing and Deliverance was established to....

  1. House the glory of God for Divine Healing, Deliverance & Miracles.
  2. Feed people The Word of God weekly.
  3. Establish an Apostolic base to build, train, equip, impart, activate, and raise up individuals and ministries to be sent out to advance the kingdom of God.
  4. To be an Apostolic Covering to Fivefold Ministry Offices and Churches.


  1. Acceptance (We will accept you as you are).
  2. Love (We love everyone but we love you enough to help you change your life).
  3. The Spirit of Truth (The Word of God is the spirit of truth and final authority).
  4. Integrity
  5. Unity
  6. The Spirit of Excellence